The selection and purchase of lifestyle or country real estate can come with a unique set of requirements for a buyer. If you are like thousands of others seeking a unique property in the country or just outside the city that offers the exact lifestyle you are in search of, finding the right property can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties extensive private real estate inventory combined with agents’ local real estate expertise and a website that is searchable by property location, features, property type and more make your property finding experience a breeze.

Highly Experienced Specialists

Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties is a small team of dedicated agents who are passionate about helping you find your dream property. Whether you are looking for a country home, waterfront property, acreage, a farm, ranch, timberland or other lifestyle property, our experienced team and unique knowledge of rural real estate will make the process of finding and purchasing your new lifestyle property not only stress free, but enjoyable. Specialized lifestyle real estate requires a unique set of skills and knowledge of the area, land use, timberland management, land appraisals, 1031 exchanges and conservation easements, and our team is highly trained, knowledgeable and practiced in the world of rural real estate. Our office leverages the many skills and specialized knowledge of our various team members to provide real estate services that are truly unique and tailored to your specific needs.